Hey Ya'll, I'm Shelby Lynn!

I know that it is always a bit intimidating to book a photographer that you've never met before.. so I want to let you know a few things about myself that will hopefully help you feel like you know me just a tiny bit.

I am twenty two years old. I am a Florida native! I have lived in the West Bradenton area all my life and have grown up on the beaches of Anna Mara Island. I graduated from high school in the Spring of 2020 after having been homeschooled k-12th grade. I am the oldest of six kids and I absolutely love babies. It is my dream to be a wife, mama, homeschool my babies and live on land somewhere! I love the island life. You'll often find my family out fishing or out on the beach. There is just something so beautiful about a sunset. I also have a heart for the country. Dirt roads, cowgirl boots and country music are some of my favorite things. It's a toss up which I love more; they're both so special to me! I spend most of my evenings on the island, photographing visitors on the island and sometimes.. getting ice cream at my favorite shop, Two Scoops. You have got to try their chocolate milkshake or cookie dough ice cream! I am a Jesus follower! I love Jesus with all of my being and I want to use my abilities to glorify His name. I've always loved photography. I even still have an old PopTart brand camera that I had when I was little! The fact that you can capture someone's emotions and they can have it for their whole life. I like to say the quote, 'I can freeze time. What's your superpower?' I love spending time with my family, whether that be hanging out at the beach, fishing, long boarding, exploring nature or even just having a crazy spontaneous dance party. I love line dancing! I am super passionate about protecting the lives of the unborn and loving on mama's. That is something that the Lord has put so heavy on my heart since I was a young girl. I can also be quiet at first, but once I start talking, I chat quite a bit! Just ask my friends!!

Now that you know a little about me, I'd love to get to know you!

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“Shelby is AMAZING! I cannot believe her level of talent. Our maternity session on Longboat Key was so fun- she made us so comfortable and talked us through what to do, her creative ideas, and asked what we envisioned for our shoot way ahead of time. Our photos turned out dreamier than I ever could’ve imagined!”